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Boundless Technologies, Inc. (a wholly owned business of Z-AXIS, Inc.) is a market leader in the design and manufacture of custom desktop terminals for the rapid collection and display of information from networked computers, the internet/intranet, legacy mainframe and UNIX applications markets. Boundless text terminals provide secure, reliable and fast information access and display to all users. Boundless products are built to order, enabling the company to meet the specialized needs of customers around the world while providing quick delivery of standard and customized text terminals.

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Boundless Technologies News

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Product Update
Boundless Technologies to discontinue text terminals

May 2015  -  Boundless Technologies is discontinuing its text terminals and expects to obsolete all products before the end of 2015.

  • The company will accept POs in the order they are received. Call (800) 231-5445 or email sales@boundlessterminals.com 
  • All orders will be fulfilled immediately (within 3 weeks).
  • All sales are final.

Z-AXIS, Inc. will continue to service and repair Boundless products for at least 5 years or until spare parts are no longer available.

Product Update
Boundless Technologies to discontinue Littlefoot text terminals

May 2013  -  Boundless Technologies is discontinuing its Littlefoot text terminals. 


TeleVideo text terminal replacements available now from Boundless Technologies

Dec. 16, 2011  -  Boundless Technologies will continue to manufacture direct replacements for nearly any TeleVideo terminal on the market, the company confirmed today. Boundless terminal emulation sets cover all of the most popular emulations used by TeleVideo text terminal users, including most Wyse, DEC and ADDS Viewpoint emulations.

TeleVideo recently announced that it discontinued the manufacturing and sales of all terminal products as of September 30, 2011.

"We are pleased to offer TeleVideo customers a reliable and experienced source of factory-built replacement text terminals for their TeleVideo terminals," said Michael Allen, president of Boundless Technologies. "Companies will save time and money by continuing to use their familiar, reliable and stable mainframe systems that rely on TeleVideo terminals."

Boundless Technologies has been manufacturing text terminals continuously since 1969 and served as a trusted OEM supplier of text terminals to companies including IBM, HP and NCR for more than 30 years. It currently produces, sells and supports a full line of ADDS and DEC VT text terminals at its ISO9008:2001 certified design and manufacturing center in western New York. .


New Product
New ANSI keyboards from Boundless Technologies are plug-in compatible with ADDS and DEC VT text terminals

Sept. 14, 2011  -  Boundless Technologies has introduced a new line of ANSI keyboards for its ADDS and DEC VT series text terminals. The new “ANSI 2011” keyboards are plug-in compatible with Boundless ANSI text terminals, no programming required.

The new keyboards include all of the key functions of the original Boundless ANSI keyboards, with minimal changes to the key layout (view PDF). They have the same 6-pin PS/2 min-DIN connector.

  • ANSI 2011 keyboards for DEC VT text terminals are equivalent to the original Boundless keyboard part number LK41R-AA.
  • ANSI 2011 keyboards for ADDS text terminals are equivalent to the original Boundless keyboard part number 598-0014017.

ANSI 2011 keyboards will be available Oct. 17, 2011.

Boundless continues to offer ASCII enhanced PC104/105 keyboards for ADDS and DEC VT series text terminals, as well.

“We are pleased to offer our text terminal users new - not refurbished - keyboards for their new and legacy text terminals,” said Michael Allen, president of Boundless Technologies. “Whether ASCII or ANSI format, new Boundless keyboards enable our customers to continue to enjoy the simplicity, security, stability and longevity of their ADDS and DEC VT text terminals.”

Product Update
Boundless “Littlefoot” text terminals now feature enhanced 126-column display for use with LCD monitors

August 19, 2011  -  In response to market demand, Boundless Technologies has updated its Littlefoot text terminals with enhanced support for LCD monitors. The text terminals now support 80 or 126 columns of clear, crisp text display with no aliasing, on both LCD and CRT monitors.

Updated models are the ADDS 4000/260 LF and ADDS 4000/260 LFC (download datasheet PDF) and ADDS 3153 LF (download datasheet PDF). Previously, these models supported 80 columns of text on LCDs, and 80 or 132 columns on CRTs. They now support both 80 and 126 columns on both LCDs and CRTs. The change is effective 1 August 2011.

Littlefoot text terminals are designed for maximum flexibility, allowing customers to choose their own standard or custom monitors with size, quality and special features to fit the application. Extremely compact and reliable, Littlefoot text terminals are ideal for transaction-oriented environments such as fast food restaurants, retail counters, bank teller windows and rental car counters.

“With the additional display columns, Littlefoot text terminal users now have more options to take full advantage of LCD monitors,” said Michael Allen, president of Boundless Technologies. “Through ongoing support of the Boundless product line, we enable customers to expand and update their mainframe-based systems that remain secure, stable, and continue to meet their networked computing needs.”

The ADDS 4000/260 LF and LFC (monochrome or color) is a replacement for Wyse terminals and the ADDS 3153 LF is a replacement for the IBM 3151 and IBM 3153 terminals. They include terminal emulation sets for a wide range of other terminals. For details visit www.boundlessterminals.com/terminals.html.

New White Paper
Text terminals, thin clients or PCs? Six arguments in favor of choosing text terminals when adding or replacing desktops

Aug. 4, 2010  -  Boundless Technologies has released a new white paper to help IT managers and executives determine whether to continue using text terminals or replace them with thin clients or PCs. The paper outlines the significant advantages that text terminals offer -- including simplicity, security, stability and longevity. It demonstrates how these advantages provide a return on investment that far exceeds the alternatives for any legacy system, and for some new systems as well.

Download the free white paper, "Text terminals, thin clients or PCs? Six arguments in favor of choosing text terminals" (PDF)

Press Release
Boundless receives ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems certification

Phelps, NY  - June 18, 2010  - Z-AXIS, Inc., manufacturer of Boundless Technologies and ADDS text terminals and thin clients, has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, meeting the most current quality systems standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This certification establishes that Z-AXIS meets stringent requirements for quality systems and processes, which ensure that it can reliably provide quality products and services to its customers worldwide.

Z-AXIS became ISO 9001:2008 certified following extensive analysis of its quality management systems from independent auditing firm and accredited registrar Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. The audit addressed all areas of Z-AXIS’ operation - from product design and manufacturing, to delivery and customer service.

"Z-AXIS has a long-standing reputation for superior quality and service, and ISO 9001:2008 certification underscores our ongoing commitment to that," said Michael Allen, president of Z-AXIS. "The significance of ISO 9001:2008 certification is internationally recognized and gives customers worldwide added confidence in our ability to reliably meet their needs."

Z-AXIS' quality management systems cover its entire operations, which encompass design through manufacturing all under one roof. The systems help to ensure quality from start to finish for custom printed circuit boards, electromechanical assemblies, power supplies, video displays, and text terminals. To maintain its certification the company will undergo ongoing auditing inspections and annual process verification.

View the ISO 9001:2008 certificate (PDF)

Press Release
Video Display Corporation completes acquisition of Boundless Technologies; begins production of Boundless products at its Z-AXIS subsidiary

Atlanta, GA -- Nov. 20, 2008 - Video Display Corporation today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Boundless Technologies, Inc. (www.boundlessterminals.com) of Farmingdale, NY and has transferred the company's operations to VDC's Z-AXIS (www.zaxis.net) subsidiary near Rochester, NY. Z-AXIS has begun production, shipping and support of Boundless Technologies text terminals and thin clients from its electronics design and manufacturing center in Phelps, NY.

"We are committed to providing uninterrupted service and great customer support for Boundless Technologies customers," said Z-AXIS president Michael Allen. "Producing the Boundless Technologies line plays directly to the strengths of the Z-AXIS team: high-quality assembly of both standard and custom electronic equipment and video display products."

Boundless Technologies designs and manufactures text terminals and thin clients for computer systems in manufacturing, retail, health care, financial and educational settings. Boundless products include ADDS Littlefoot terminals; ADDS thin clients; customized thin clients; a complete line of text terminals including the ADDS 60, 4000/260 and 3153 and the DEC (Compaq) VT 510, 520 and 525; and terminal emulation sets for all Wyse models.

Z-AXIS provides quality design, prototyping and manufacturing services for electronic products and electromechanical assemblies. It also produces commercial and industrial products including power supplies and video displays under its BEAR Power Supplies and Display Concepts brands. Z-AXIS expects the acquisition to help it continue to grow its business at greater than 30% per year, based on the Boundless Technologies order backlog combined with demand for existing Z-AXIS products and services.
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