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About Boundless Technologies
Boundless Technologies, Inc., a wholly owned business of Z-AXIS, Inc, is a market leader in the design and manufacture of custom desktop terminals for the rapid collection and display of information from networked computers, the internet/intranet, legacy mainframe and UNIX applications markets.

Boundless Technologies text terminals provide secure, reliable and fast information access and display to all users. Boundless products are built to order, enabling the company to meet the specialized needs of customers around the world. We provide quick delivery of standard and customized text terminals. 

About Us

In business since 1969 (Applied Digital Data Systems aka ADDS, SunRiver Data Systems and Boundless Technologies). Read the full company history here.
Dedicated and focused on the commercial text terminal market.
Close-knit, highly responsive team of people.
USA-based, "lot size one" manufacturing
Trusted by large companies including IBM, HP and NCR for more than 30 years.
In house engineering.
USA-based technical support.

Our products have been tested and certified to the highest levels of reliability and safety on the market today. Boundless Technologies text terminals are available in WEEE and RoHS configurations.
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