New, factory-built text terminals
for mainframe and server-based computing

 Boundless terminals discontinued

It has been our pleasure to produce and support Boundless terminals for the past eight years. We are proud that we have been able to extend the life of this venerable product line through our skill in locating obsolete components, and our engineers’ ability to identify and use replacement components where possible.

Now it is time for the last text terminals to give way to newer technologies. Z-AXIS will continue to repair Boundless terminals until our supply of components and raw materials is exhausted.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We will accept purchase orders in the order they are received. If you expect to need any Boundless terminals, please place your order soon. Call (800) 231-5445 or email
  • We will fulfill orders immediately (within 3 weeks).
  • All sales are final.

We will continue to service and repair Boundless products at our Z-AXIS facility until spare parts are no longer available.

While we expect to maintain this website, we recommend that you visit the documentation page now to download any manuals you might need in the future.

Thank you for your past business, and we wish you success in the future.

- The team at Z-AXIS, Inc.



Video display terminals with CRT

New, factory-built text terminals with CRT display: easily maintain and update your mainframe systems.



New ANSI and ASCII keyboards for ADDS and DEC VT text terminals.

Boundless Technologies (formerly ADDS) has been building text terminals and video displays for the world's largest companies for over 40 years. Our powerful, secure and easy-to-use text terminals are compatible with most UNIX, XENIX, PICK, multi-user DOS and other operating systems. Emulations include Wyse, DEC VT, TeleVideo, IBM 3153, ADDS Viewpoint, PCTerm and many more.

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